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Utility Sales Associates

Utility Sales Associates, Inc. is a manufacturer's representative company serving the utility industries in the states of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

USA provides technically competent, hands-on, local representation for the manufacturers we represent. The markets we serve are unique and require a high level of technical expertise. Our sales staff has the key relationships and knowledge of the customer's requirements and specifications to get the job done!

Featured Product : FireFly From Telescada

FireFly From Telescada

The FireFly™makes finding a dropped fuse cutout quick and easy. When the fuse blows and the cutout drops to the inverted position theFireFly™ activates a flashing high intensity Red LED. The fuse can be seen up to a mile away at night so line crews can keep their eyes safely on the road while searching for the fuse.

No more hunting with a spotlight.The FireFly™ electronics are encapsulated in UV stable moisture resistant polycarbonate. It’s internal lithium ion battery will last up to 20 years in both hot and cold environments. The FireFly’s™novel clip design permits installation of the FireFly™ on an installed fuse with a shotgun hotstick.

  • Ultra Bright Flashing LED
  • Flashes for over 30 days
  • Long life lithium battery
  • Simply to install
  • No serviceable parts
  • 20 year service life

When fuse drops to the inverted position the FireFly activates a high intensity red LED. Making the blown fuse easier to identify!

Temperature Range: -40 -+70 C
LED Flashing Rate: 3 Hz
Activation Life: 1,000 Hours Continuous Service
Expected Inactive Life: 20 Years

For more information, visit www.telescada.com or request a quote at sales@utilityreps.com.

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