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Utility Sales Associates

Utility Sales Associates, Inc. is a manufacturer's representative company serving the utility industries in the states of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

USA provides technically competent, hands-on, local representation for the manufacturers we represent. The markets we serve are unique and require a high level of technical expertise. Our sales staff has the key relationships and knowledge of the customer's requirements and specifications to get the job done!

Featured Product : G&W Electric Reclosers
featured product

G&W offers a variety of solid dielectric reclosers designed to provide overcurrent protection on distribution systems rated 15.5 through 38kV, 800A continuous current and 12.5kA symmetrical interrupting. The units are comprised of epoxy encapsulated vacuum interrupters attached through a drive rod to a high speed magnetic actuator. Trade named "Viper" reclosers, there are four models available.

Features include:
  • Compact, lightweight - The solid dielectric Viper recloser weighs considerably less than comparably rated oil insulated devices. No special lifting equipment is required
  • Latest Solid Dielectric Technology - Solid dielectric Viper reclosers utilize G&W's time proven EPOX polymer system to fully encapsulate the vacuum interrupters. This system provides excellent insulation properties while providing fully shielded, void-free construction. All overcurrent protection modules are UV protected and 100% factory tested for partial discharge
  • Operator Safety - Vacuum fault interrupters are sealed within solid dielectric insulation providing dead tank construction. A hookstick operable, manual trip and lockout handle prohibits operation either from the control or remotely. A mechanical blocking device further assures against accidental close through the handle. The handle is operable from ground level. An open and closed contact indicator verifies contact position. Contact status and lockout condition can also be verified at the control.
  • Maintenance-free - Solid dielectric insulation provides a maintenance-free installation. Electronic equipment associated with the operation of the magnetic actuator is located in the control.
  • Application Flexibility - Recloser units are designed for overhead, substation and padmount applications. Polemounted units can be equipped with either horizontal or vertical insulators.
  • Padmount Application - For applications where space is limited at the substation or where underground feeders require protections, Viper solid dielectric reclosers can provide an ideal solution using a dead-front padmount design.
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